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Autotec is well-known as the premier Toyota sales and service centre in Yellowknife but has also been quietly servicing a wide variety of vehicles for many years. Everyone may already know that Autotec is the go-to choice for Toyota shoppers and owners but did you also know that Autotec can repair and maintain RVs, ATVs, marine vehicles and snowmobiles. If you need any type of vehicle fixed there is a very good chance that Autotec can do it for you.

As the years have rolled on Autotec has even grown to meet the demand from our clients to not only stock a wide variety of auto parts but to also keep recreational supplies on location. Just one more reason to make Autotec your choice for parts and supplies for all your vehicles whether they are for work or play time. Checkout our online shop to see our selection of growing inventory (new stock is added regularly).

Aside from the general day-to-day services performed at Autotec, there is also a wide variety of warranties, plans and programs that Autotec is trained and certified to support. We maintain a growing list of specialty services so if anything is not listed here it is still possible that we can still assist you, if not ourselves then at the very least we can point you in the right direction, so please contact us for more information.

As time goes on, Yellowknife grows, and as it does we continue to grow with it to meet the demand of our clients and because of this we welcome suggestions and even criticism (as long as it is constructive) from our customers, so feel free to bring any ideals, suggestions or concerns to us and we will be glad to listen to your feedback.


  • Toyota Sales, Service & Supplies
  • Domestic & Foreign Vehicle Service
  • RV Service & Supplies
  • ATV Service & Supplies
  • Snow Mobile Service & Supplies
  • Marine Vehicle Service & Supplies


  • Toyota ECP Warranty
  • First Canadian Protection Plan
  • Global Warranty
  • General Motors Protection Plan
  • Lubrico Warranty
  • Tri Care Insurance Warranty
  • Subaru Mechanical Protection Plan
  • Fleet Service Cards
  • Element Fleet Services
  • ARI Fleet Services
  • GE Capital Fleet Service

Autotec’s Featured Services

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